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Co-ordinating Partner

Every Child aims contribute to the efforts taken to help equip young people with the
knowledge, skills and attitudes to transition into adulthood as confident and
compassionate citizens.

In a fast changing world that puts increasing demands for higher levels of skills and
qualifications, the provision of innovative and exciting out of school hours learning
activities, in a safe and non-formal settings, has become critical to our children’s
achievement. Non formal learning offers a new way of thinking about education and
its methodology and principles can be successfully applied to deal with challenging
situations young people may find themselves in during their school life.

We work towards:
- meeting the learning needs of young people – particularly those from
disadvantaged backgrounds, using non formal learning methodologies to improve
motivation, self confidence and, above all, achievement 
- contributing to the efforts taken at national and European levels to celebrate
diversity and promote inclusion, equality and social justice 
-  work in collaboration with NGOs, schools and agencies at national and
European levels to encourage and enable children to become better learners, assert
their rights and engage in democratic activities to influence policies and decisions
that affect them  
- creating training courses and resource materials for schools and other
learning institutions from evidence based good practice examples.

Registered Address: 13 Evesham Road, London N11 2RR
+44 7505 856 575

Every Child an Achiever (UK): Programs
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