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EuroEd Foundation, Iași

EuroEd Foundation, set up in 1992, is a non-governmental organisation based in Iasi. It covers different fields of activity such as educational projects, lifelong learning and training, citizenship, human rights, public policies, law, youth, culture and regional development.  EuroEd Foundation promotes ongoing education and training of children, youth and adults, aiming at making the most of the human potential, seen as a multilateral resource of knowledge, skills, competencies and ideas for sustainable development.  

The organisation has constantly expanded its services and addressability, comprising a language course centre, a kindergarten, a primary and secondary school, a Regional Centre for Education and Communication as well as a European projects department. Through its initiatives, EuroEd Foundation intends to act as a regional catalyst for debating and developing regional and international projects (over 100 national and international projects) which aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience in the field of democracy and development of society.

Fundatia EuroEd (Romania): Programs
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